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Deep groove ball bearings of the warehouse management

Deep groove ball bearings of the storage room should be dry storage, ventilation, and directly into the sun and prevent rain, snow, sand and dust blown; room temperature generally maintained at 10 ~ 20 , the maximum should not exceed 30 , the minimum shall not be less than 5 , relative humidity of not more than 60%; indoor or with acids, alkalis, chemicals, harmful substances such as chemical raw materials stored together.


Bearing storage should, first of all do a good job in warehousing technology inspection. Deep groove ball bearing Inspection outer and inner packaging any injury; bearing signs on the packaging and packaging products within the packing list, product certification, as well as documents bearing on the storage product name, code, quantity, date manufactured, manufacturing Make (or trademarks), and the actual situation is the same product; the actual surface of any corrosion product or other defects in the product storage should be rejected, and immediately contacted with the shipping unit to study ways to solve these problems.

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