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Ceramic Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Ceramic hybrid bearings with steel bearings and bearing rings of the roller-grade silicon nitride. In addition to excellent electrical insulator, the ceramic hybrid bearings also have a high speed characteristics of the application in most of its useful life longer than steel bearings.

 Excellent electrical insulating properties is one of the basic characteristics of silicon nitride. This will protect the ferrule will not be current injury and the phenomenon of the so-called washboard, thus prolonging the service life of bearings.

 The density of silicon nitride bearing steel is only 40% of the density. Therefore the lighter ball, and has a lower inertia. This means that the stop in the fast-starting, the lower the stress cage and at a high speed when the friction is also significantly reduced. Less friction means lower operating temperatures and longer lubricant life. Therefore, hybrid ceramic bearings for high speed.

 Occasions for high-temperature Deep Groove Ball Bearings

 Bearing configuration -150 to +350 high temperature in the scope of work, or must bear a great temperature difference, such as cars in the kiln, blast furnace equipment or spray delivery systems.

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