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Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearing Design

With dust cover of the deep groove ball bearings

Bearing with dust cover, the suffix for the 2Z, dust cover is made of stainless steel. Yu inner dust cover of the shoulder to form a very narrow gap, and can withstand high temperature and high speed. With dust cover in the main bearing inner ring rotating condition. If that is the outer ring rotation, the bearings in the high-speed operation, it can cause grease leakage.


Ring with the deep groove ball bearing

Contact with the bearing ring, the suffix for the 2RS1, ring of steel skeleton by the anti-oil and abrasion resistance of nitrile rubber set. This allows the ring to thank the work of a temperature of -40 to +100 , in a short period of time up to +120 . Contact sealing ring sealing the inner lip of the shoulder. Ring the outer edge of the groove in the outer ring in this location can provide a good sealing effect.

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