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The high and new technology enterprise recognized

The Ningbo MOS Group passed Ningbo in 2008 the first batch of high and new technology enterprise to authenticate officially. This high and new technology enterprise evaluation is rests on the April, 2008 official releasing "High technology and new technology Enterprise To recognize Policing method" (the country branch ignition [2008]172 concerned requirements, by "High technology and new technology Enterprise Recognized that Work Direction" carries on the specialized evaluation for the background to Ningbo's each big small and medium-sized enterprise. Because this time high technology and new technology enterprise recognized that the standard and the examination procedure have made the very strict stipulation, therefore, the original process is under this background simple, request very low high and new technology enterprise recognized that becomes with the reexamination very complex, the entire operation difficulty and the time span large scale increases. Specially includes the core proprietary intellectual property rights, the research and development expense proportion and so on six rigid target, causes high and new technology enterprise to recognize that is beset with difficulties with the reexamination work.

And  the area (city)science and technology management sector organizations reporting, expert appraisal, recognized the organization recognizes and so on, MOS Group by virtue of its vast scientific and technological research and development troop  and perfect management system of modern private enterprises takes the lead blooming in Ningbo over ten thousand enterprises with Ningbo’s other 171 enterprises, is recognized together for Ningbo in 2008 the first batch of high technology and new technology enterprise, but MOS Group  respective Zhenhai area only to have 12 enterprises.

In recent years, MOS Group has always been the introduction of innovative mechanisms to each of the process of enterprise development, and speed up product upgrading to adapt the changing needs of the market, occupied own invincible position by the time in the intense same profession competition.

In the recent three years, MOS Group is take the high and new technology enterprise standard as the enterprise diligently with the development goal, for this reason the group directs the wisdom attraction positively, and does not hesitate to put in the massive funds to use in the scientific research technical transformation project, researches and develops the high new technology project which completes to have separately:

Start-stop timing and costs of R & D    Description    Included in the plans (including business plan    R & D projects and costs

030801—051231     Cooperation with Zhejiang University   Cooperation in science and technology included in the project area  

         Project quality management system ERP software development (R & D expenditures 800,000)

District science and technology cooperation projects   High-reliability motor vehicle research and development of sealed bearings(158W)

050701—070701     District science and technology cooperation projects    Bearing manufacturing process for embedded systems development and application of quality control (750000)

060315—080630     Municipal science and technology projects     For micro-grinding of bearing rings online monitor the quality of research and development (1,300,000)

060101—061230     District science and technology cooperation projects     S693 / 3 wide thin-walled stainless steel deep groove bearing research and development (900000)

061001—070930     City-level new proud       S693/3-2ZLH deep groove ball bearings (520,000)

070101—071130      Business plan       639/6-2ZLTN type of thin-walled ultra-high-speed broad deep groove ball bearings (460,000)

070401—070430  City-level new products    6203-2RSTN auto tension wheel bearings (480,000)

In addition, the MOS Group is still in the research projects are:

4303-2RSTNX2 generators such as car double row deep groove ball bearings Development

Note fat, gland-line control of technology projects

608-2ZTN automotive engine cooling fan bearing development

PDM project MOS Group


New technology projects through the constant-depth, continually introduced new products to marketsobtained the market new old customers the same recognition and praise, the market changes and the complexity of the form of MOS Group did not have to stop, on the contrary, the group as well as various subsidiary companies' sales result presented the gratifying situation which rose year by year. This high and new technology enterprise recognized that the work through is in the anticipation result. The adoption of high-tech work is to give the MOS Group is not only the continued road of technical innovation a powerful sure, but also is the future development of MOS Group, the role of adding fuel to the flames, believed that MOS Group will continue to continue the technological innovation, will go forward the road with the technical instruction company, at the same time the introduction of a greater intellectual talents, enhance their soft power and non-competitiveness of enterprises.

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