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Bearing Sealing Technology

In the newly developed surface at both ends of the rolling bearings are installed in the sealing device. Its role, on the one hand is to maintain the internal bearing grease (oil) will not diminish in use to ensure the bearing lubrication in a state is to protect the bearings on the other hand, the outside world will not dust or harmful gases into the bearing cavity to prevent against bearing damage. Common seal of rubber or plastics, there are red plate of the ring system (or dust cover). Its seal packing collar's seal structure are many and varied, its seal effect is dissimilar. Ring with the gap between the shaft, said non-contact seal, the smaller the gap, sealing the better, but allow the speed of the smaller axis; the opposite is the contrary.Ring with no gap between the shaft, said sealing contact, the contact lip seal contact area the greater the better seal, but allowed the smaller axis of rotation speed, on the contrary the other hand. The seal technology main research content, is studies the development to apply under the different operating mode the corresponding packing assembly, as well as this seal packing collar material and the corresponding lubricant altogether melt and so on.

Choice based on

The bearing installment packing assembly is nearly 4 remaining years of life matters, the former bearing is opens the type, to guarantee that bearing's lubrication and dustproof, the packing assembly is located in installs the bearing both sides on the axis. With industrial development, especially in the food industry, office machinery, and appliances of modern popularity of compact equipment design requirements, to reduce weight but also to prevent water leakage, gas leakage, which itself emerged bearing with the bearing seal. The first is the volume of different departments in a wide application of deep groove bearings more, in recent years have brought different types of rolling bearings of the bearing ring, bearing sealed bearing technology development is an important one, bearing production in China ring a quarter had been completed, the next decade there will be a 2-3 year structure types of bearings-3000 million in 2000 to develop into a sealed bearing bearing structure. Bearings and the use of different structures of the different working conditions, requested ring structure with different materials, so the research and development is a big workload.

Development trends at home and abroad

Bearing several Japanese companies (Seiko, oriental, more choice, etc.) on behalf of the bearing seal technology development. They sealed bearings installed in the development of the history of earlier technologies, research depth, and current technology is more mature sealed. Development from single-to multi-lip seal sealing lips, sealed from the contact to develop non-contact seals, etc.; From the product type, the ball bearings, roller bearings have.Follow the international trend of development in China, but also has developed a ring of deep groove ball bearings, water pump bearings, railway (tapered roller) bearings, needle bearings, as well as short-yuan chu Roller Bearings Bearing categories, including deep groove ball bearings output of the largest and broadest application. According to the National Technology Agency of China's recent quality test results sealed bearings, China's problem of the structural design of sealed bearings greater good sealing effect, the phenomenon of more serious leakage fat, reflecting the strong user. Analysis, mainly due to the design of our existing ring structure is irrational, non-sealed inner tank, coupled with low manufacturing precision causes. Therefore, China's bearing seal technology development trend of the future are: deep groove ball bearings as the representative to carry out sealing technology test, find the best structure and the best ring seal life, sealing materials to carry out research, looking for wear-resistant, anti-aging, high temperature and corrosion-resistant materials, to improve the contact seal life, the development of high-temperature conditions or in conditions harmful to the atmosphere of the ring to lay a technological foundation.

The main research content and objectives

Sealed bearings in China based on the current status of poor quality, the future research are: First is to examine the tests and screening of deep groove ball bearings of the ring structure and the development of the corresponding inner bearing seal groove for sealing the existing structure of deep groove ball bearings upgrading. For the 2005 performance of these bearings sealed at the end of 90's to catch up with international advanced level of similar products; Secondly, in connection with the development of China's car industry, the development of suitable high temperature 120-180 in long-term high-temperature sealed bearings; article The third is to use the railway vehicle bearing cone for the representative series of cylindrical roller bearings sealed the new structure.


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