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Soft power of MOS: MOS successful green business certification

In February 2009, MOS Group passed Zhenhai District  green business certification standards and become in the Zhenhai area over a hundred each family enterprises, took the lead one which of 5 enterprises licenses smoothly.

     Since the early 2007 introduction of Zhenhai district since the certification standards of green businesses, MOS united group company, will create the Green enterprise to place each work the first place,will effort to improve the surrounding environment of the factory, to build environmental protection, environmental improvement and green eco-industrial model Area, production base of green products and devote in the establishment of a MOS-centered education and promotion of environmental protection knowledge base, to protect humanity’s living environment to make a bigger contribution. In one year creates in the work, the company grasps tightly carries out the following several work:

() The organization management

The commercial management takes the Green enterprise construction work, and has worked out the Green enterprise preliminary groundwork plan, has established take general manager as group leader, engineering department, office, technical department, quality control department, production department and other departments responsible for human members of the Leading Group ,gets down the security group, the equipment group, the water treatment group, and established the organization to manage, the environmental protection organization facility construction, the contamination control, the circulation economy, the environmental construction five work team, the division responsible for organizing the creation of green enterprises. At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the work to create, through training, learning and other forms to send staff for training. in January, 2007 links to the enterprise reality, has carried on the ISO14000 environmental management international standard authentication work, to was related the personnel to carry on related aspect knowledge and so on environment, environmental protection studies, at present, this work has passed validation.

() The organization management

1Afforestation and beautification business

   In order to improve company’s afforested environment, set up “the environmental protection” the image, protect the ecological environment.The company solicits Land 102 Chinese acre investment newly built new workshops, the company completes the new workshop 18000 square meters in 2006, invested RMB 20,000,000 equipment technical transformation project already to complete. The company invested the massive funds in the environment afforestation aspect, The company invested the massive funds in the environment afforestation aspect, is entering the factory district entrance construction square garden, the rockery eruptive fountain, the entire factory afforestation area achieves 35%, invests 1,700,000 Yuan in the new factory district afforestation, the waste water government station invests RMB 5,000,000 , the noise abatement RMB 1,030,000 , the waste gas government invests 3,750,000, governs RMB 275,000 waste firmly, other invested RMB 150,000 , the total investment RMB 10,205,000, the company turned the garden-like workshop.

2Develop ISO14001 the environmental management international standard authentication work

In order to realize the enterprise quality control, the environmental management work and the international trail connection, achieves standardized the standard, also to meet the needs which specialized really taught, the company in 2007 has done the ISO14000 environmental management international standard authentication preparatory work, and passed the ISO14001:2000 environmental management international standard authentication in March. This indicates that the level of enterprise management and product quality promoted a new altitude, the environmental construction also to step a new.

3Environmental Protection to develop an enterprise approach

    Aims at satisfied actual, plant has developed the Environmental Protection Act, pollution behaviors and so on pair process draining water, unusual smell, noise to has carried on stops effectively, and took the antifouling anti-pollution measure, constructed the water disposal plant to achieve the country first-level emission standard, has formed the enterprise domestic waters resources circulation use, has guaranteed water resources clean.

4From time to time to carry out sweeping Health

    Health of the enterprise at all times adhere to clean and maintain production facilities clean, clean workshop, canteen health standard, the toilets clean and tasteless, and refuse to deal with the classification, can be recycled for the recovery, can not be recovered for the benefit centralized processing, ensuring the cleanliness of the enterprise.

    Through a series of comprehensive management and reorganization, MOS Group, is not only the harvest home from Zhenhai District Environmental Protection Bureau of the MOS Group, recognized the work of environmental governance, and the plant was greatly improved environment, staff quality and mental outlook. The company take this as a turning point, continues the factory district environment government work to carry out the development for a long time, does not lose Green enterprise this title of honor acquisition.


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