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Bearing Heater Frequently Asked Questions

1. Heating bearings bearing its own impact on you?

A: Bearing the heating temperature should not exceed 120 degrees. As long as 120 degrees inside of the bearing that is absolutely safe, because, according to the characteristics of bearing steel, resulting in more than 120 degrees after the bearing clearance and preload changes in song with ease, early damage problems.

Of course, bearing with a special heat treatment to heat to 200 degrees.

2. Bearing heater run-time what the impact on the human body?

A: Our products are used in a frequency of 50 Hz frequency. And rice cookers and other household appliances is the same frequency on the human body is absolutely safe to say that it was nowhere near the impact on the human body and a cell phone.

3. How can the largest diameter of heating?

Answer: AUELY products are the largest external diameter of the rated unit, because the same diameter but different outer diameter of the workpiece completely different, such as a gear diameter 100mm diameter reached 1000mm, so do not just look at the full diameter.

4. Inner expansion coefficient is the number?

A: There are schedules available

In general, the bearing inner diameter of 100 heated to 100 degrees 10 silk inner expansion. (Of course depends on the actual situation of the workpiece to maintain the difference between two materials of different thickness will affect the expansion coefficient)

5. Maximum temperature can be heated?

Answer: AUELY heater has two heating modes: the temperature mode and time mode

Temperature mode, the maximum temperature of 250 degrees (except in special outside specifications), time mode, there is no restriction.

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