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Bearing friction

The causes of friction roller bearing: 1. Roll of flexible lag 2. Contact surfaces caused by the geometry of the rolling body - sliding contact Race 3. Contact deformation caused by sliding 4. Cage with sliding between the rolling and The guide ribs of the cage, as well as Cage and sliding between the rings 5. maintain the shelf and roller lubricant viscous drag friction 6. Roller ring with internal and external face of the sliding between the ribs 7. seal friction.

Note: 1. Elastic force lags behind the surface of the material and contact load on the 2 units. Rolling contact area and deformation --- uplift the front, the rear of depression, the need for laws to force to overcome resistance to uplift the material 3. The Cage guide the way: inner wall guide IRLR, the ball guide BR, outer guide ribs ORLR4. Bearing seal friction is usually generated significantly greater than the sum of other types of friction.

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