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The scope of application of miniature bearings

Miniature bearings for applications that require high-speed, low-friction torque, low vibration, low noise environment of the product, is a widely used bearings.

In the ultra-small aperture of the micro-bearings, the diameter of the micro-φ2mm following 68,69,60 metric series bearings have a total of 18 species of British R a total of six kinds of series, on this basis, can also be divided into ZZ bearing dust cover plate series , RS rubber ring bearing series, Teflon ring bearing series, flange series, stainless steel series, such as ceramic ball series.

Applicable to all types of miniature bearings for industrial equipment, such as small-scale rotary motor; Recently, these devices micro-miniaturization, lightweight, thin-walled type of demand tend to increase.

Major uses: office equipment; micro-motor; soft drive; pressure rotor; dental dental drill; hard drive motor; stepping motor; recorder drum; toy model; computer fans; encoder.

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