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Bearing the cutting process heat and cutting temperature

Cutting heat and cutting temperature bearing materials imported in the process of cutting another important physical phenomena. Cutting Cutting as a result of heat caused by temperature, so have a thermal deformation of workpiece. Bearing materials directly affect the import of machining accuracy and surface quality. The impact of cutting tool temperature is a major factor in durability. Therefore, the study of cutting heat and cutting temperature changes of the generation and have important practical significance.

Cutting imports of bearing materials and reports generated heat in the cutting tool under the layer of metal cutting occurred elastic deformation and plastic deformation, which is a source of thermal cutting; At the same time. In the chip and rake face, flank the workpiece and the friction between the consumption of reactive power will also be converted into energy? It is cutting another source of heat. Heat from chip cutting, the workpiece, cutting tool, as well as conduction from the surrounding medium. According to the principle of thermodynamic equilibrium, resulting in dispersion of heat and mass equal to the heat.

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