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what the characteristics of Bearing Ring Superfinishing

1. To reduce the value of surface roughness.

     2. Ferrule can work to increase the surface contact area. Superfinishing, the ferrule support the work of the surface area of contact, after grinding by 15% ~ 40% to 80% ~ 95%.

     3. The production of high efficiency, low labor intensity, easy to automate.
     4. Can effectively reduce the waviness. Superfinishing course, when the grindstone and the workpiece contact arc greater than or equal to the surface when the wavelength of waviness, we can guarantee the grindstone and not always act on the wave crest and trough exposure, so that a larger peak contact pressure, convex peak was removed, thus reducing the waviness.

     5. To improve the ball bearing raceway groove of the shape error. Superfinishing can effectively improve the channel-shaped raceway error, generally around 35% can be improved.

     6. Can be Superfinishing surface compressive stress. Superfinishing during cold plastic deformation mainly, so Superfinishing formed after the surface residual compressive stress.

     Superfinishing means good lubricating conditions, to a certain speed of the workpiece rotation, at the same time fine-grained stone used to a certain degree of pressure to the workpiece surface, and perpendicular to the direction of workpiece rotation for reciprocating movement in a shock types of processing methods.


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