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How to improve the dynamic performance of deep groove ball bearings

1. Deep groove ball bearings of the mechanism of the formation of vibration and noise
On the mechanism of vibration and noise, both at home and abroad in the control of vibration and noise, there are two different approaches. Bearings, there are two major sources of vibration, one bearing external incentives inherent vibration caused by bearing means bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and the natural vibration Cage: Second, contact between moving parts as a result of a collision caused by forced vibration , including the body as a result of the rolling sphere is not ideal, both inside and outside the channel contact point movement is not the ideal trajectory yen (roundness, waviness), the rolling surface is not ideal smooth surface (roughness), as well as rolling and Cage in Sports collision and lubricants in the forcing caused by impurities such as vibration, vibration and sound are closely related, but slightly different sense, that is the origin of the vibration of the sound, the sound is a vibration in the air gives the spread of the hearing feeling, so ultra-high frequency vibration is not heard. However, if the vibration and sound receiver features the same receiver, the two receive signal received is related, according to this view, control of vibration or noise can play the same effect, but also because of the vibration control is simple, Therefore, control of vibration are at home and abroad to ensure the quality of products, therefore, general bearing, it is proposed to concentrate its limited human and financial resources to do a good job bearing vibration control. It is inappropriate to separate the noise quality standards, of course, abroad to inspection in accordance with the special products, such as computer hard disk drive system, video recorder CD-ROM drive system bearings, do not facilitate the use of the vibration test may be the development of noise measurement criteria to assess.

      2. Sealing performance measures to be taken
Sealed deep groove ball bearings of our major problems is the leaking grease and dust-proof ultra-poor, poor sealing performance of short, non-contact seal no big problem. The main problem is a multi-contact seal. The main reason is the form of sealing structure of China's relatively backward. Sealing structure of the key pieces in the rotating shaft seal lips sealed closures. There are three forms of seals in general, a fact not groove, the second is the diameter of small diameter, there is a higher level, the third is a complete seal groove, there is a single lip seal lip and the lips of the points, we believe that should be the development of seal and groove seal lips and structure, because this form is to contact the seal and labyrinth seal with a better sealing effect, but the process complexity and cost slightly higher.


3. Reduce the vibration of the measures to be taken
Vibration our grading standards, there are JB/T7047---93 "deep groove ball bearing vibration (acceleration) technology terms" and JP/T5009--94 "deep groove ball bearing vibration (speed), technical conditions." These two standards have been revised several times bearing down vibration of the work of the industry played a good role, but now is not only to increase the user Z4 Group, VI group. More importantly, users avoid bearing any unusual sound or noise from the standard requirements of how to reflect, abnormal sound and noise is a kind of irregular, unexpected or burst stimulation of the non-musical sound. Chasing nothing more than the reasons between the rolling surface as a result of injury, foreign body in the lubricant, and the roller cage irregular caused by friction, from the received signal is the peak pulse. However, we implemented the two bearing vibration technology standards, in spite of the sub-Z1Z2, Z3 group and V1, V2, V3 Group, the speed of even sub-type three-band, but its values are taken is the RMS (basic close to the arithmetic mean), abnormal sound, vibration noise is not reflected pulse peak


4. Vibration noise down to explore new ways of
(1) research roller grinding disk material, continue to improve the quality of the rolling surface, Japan NSK bearing company in China in 1997 had three major production plants Ball G5, G10-class quality of research done and the ball test results show that the : Ball of China and Japan about the same accuracy, but the quality of steel ball surface uneven pattern envelope, corrugated peaks, and far more than Japan, but the ball that we retain the unique metal plate processing study traces This is to tell us, non-metallic abrasive disc may be a better pattern processing network, why do we not study these problems?
(2) the development of new grease. Grease role in support of noise reduction is very obvious. Japan, NSK has developed a wide range of low vibration of fat, compared to our little fat varieties. We should be added to the large investment, the development will not only reduce the vibration and dynamic performance can extend the life of the grease.

 (3) by chemical modification, to improve the quality of the surface of rolling bearings, reducing vibration and noise, while improving the performance of life bearings. Chemical modification refers to the work surface through chemical processing to form a chemical film, this process has been abroad in the aero-engine bearing oil off the pilot made encouraging progress, we can imagine on the lower vibration noise and improve dynamic Life will be a great benefit.
(4) to study lower vibration, noise reduction to maintain the new aircraft, deep groove ball bearing cage ball pocket for many years are holes, since the guided wave-shaped cage, and its pocket-hole and the radial clearance roller, the axial How much space for the best and most conducive to reduced vibration, pocket hole spherical-shaped, or ellipsoid, or other shape, and has never been seriously examined, in the deep groove ball bearing vibration value of Z3 group demands more, not Cage consider the impact of vibration is not comprehensive.


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