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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep Groove Ball Bearings

It is the most representative of the rolling bearing. It Can withstand a two-way radial load and axial load. This bearing is suitable for high-speed rotation and low-noise, low vibration of the occasion. With dust cover plate or rubber ring-type bearing the seal of the filling in advance an appropriate amount of grease stop the outer ring with the bearing ring or flange, that is easy to axial positioning, and easy to install inside the shell. Bearing the greatest load bearing of the same size and standard, but, the outer ring has a slot loading, an increase of the number of loading the ball to enhance the main application of the rated load of the Cage, Cage punching plate (waveform, crown-shaped ... separate; S shape ... double row)
Copper alloy or phenolic resin cut Cage, Cage forming synthetic resin.
     Main purposes:
     Car: the rear wheels, transmissions, electrical device components
     Electrical: General motors, household appliances
     Others: instruments, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, rail vehicles, loading and unloading moving machinery, agricultural machinery, all kinds of industrial machinery




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