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Bearing Steel

Bearing Steel

Bearing steel is used in the manufacture of rolling bearings of ball, roller and the steel sleeve, etc., can also be used for the production of precision measuring, Die, Machine Screw and diesel fuel pumps dual precision parts.
Bearing Steel
     ■ Overview
     Is used in the production of bearing steel ball, roller bearings and steel rings. Bearing in work is under great pressure and friction and therefore urges the bearing steel has high hardness and wear resistance of homogeneous and high elastic limit. Bearing steel for the chemical composition of the uniformity, non-metallic inclusions content and distribution, the distribution of carbides are very stringent requirements, such as bearing steel, also known as Luo carbon steel, carbon Wc for about 1% of the volume containing Luo Wcr for 0.5% -1.65%. Bearing steel bearings Luo are divided into high-carbon steel, non-Luo bearing steel, carburizing bearing steel, stainless steel bearings, high temperature bearing steel and bearing steel Antimagnetic six categories
■ chemical composition
GB, Ye S, the Japanese standard in the main chemical composition of steel grade in Table
■. Physical Properties
The physical properties of bearing steel mainly to check the microstructure, Decarburization layer, non-metallic inclusions, mainly of macrostructure. Under normal circumstances are annealed hot-rolled, cold-drawn delivery annealing. Delivery state should be specified in the contract. Macrostructure of the steel must be non-cavity, subcutaneous air bubbles, white spots and micro-porosity. Center for osteoporosis, osteoporosis in general may not be more than 1.5, shall not be more than 2 segregation. Organization of the annealing of steel should be uniformly distributed fine granular pearlite. Decarburization layer depth, non-metallic inclusions and carbide nonuniformity should be consistent with the corresponding provisions of the relevant national standards.
■. Packing
Package is less than 20mm in diameter to deliver more than 20mm can be installed bare delivery. Cold-drawn steel to be coated on the rust-proof oil. Manufactured goods shall be accompanied by quality assurance prior to the book, indicating its steel, furnace No., weight, specification, chemical composition, test and test results.
■. The production of manufacturing methods
Of bearing steel smelting high quality requirements, the need for strict control of sulfur, phosphorus and non-metallic inclusion content and distribution, because the content of non-metallic inclusions in bearing steel and the distribution of the life of a great impact. The higher the volume of inclusions, the shorter life expectancy. In order to improve the quality of smelting, smelting furnace has been adopted recently by ESR, can be used to vacuum smelting, refining, such as power vacuum since the new technology to improve the quality of bearing steel.
■. Use
In addition to doing ball,
external bearing rings, and sometimes also used to make tools such as dies, measuring, and so on tap.
■. The main production plant and exported to countries and regions
China's steel plant in Dalian, Daye Steel Plant is the production of the main production of bearing steel. The main exports to Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.
■. Imports of the main producing countries
China, mainly from Japan, Germany, bearing steel imports.
■. The type of
China is now producing high-carbon chromium
bearing stainless steel, has its main steel 9Cr18; carburizing bearing steel, the main steel grade have G20CrMo; chromium bearing steel, has its main steel GCr15.
■. Quality specifications and appearance:
Specifications for the main round bar, flat steel, wire and so on. Steel surface should be a good process. No cracks, folds, scarring and inclusion. Cold Drawn Steel surface should be smooth, clean skin without oxidation.




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