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Bearing steel with special circumstances

Bearing steel with special circumstances

Into the automotive, industrial machinery, home appliances, information equipment, such as mechanical devices requires not only the bearing lightweight, compact, but also improve the bearing performance requirements in order to adapt to harsh environment use. To meet this need, the need for material, heat treatment process, the best of shape and size, but also with the use of materials around the common search for the user of the integrated components.
Datong Japanese Special Steel Company has been committed to the development of harsh environment suitable for the use of special bearing materials, and suitable for the heat treatment process of this material. Following the company with the bearing manufacturer to develop and have been put into practical application of high-temperature bearing steel and the company's own development of resistance to foreign bodies bearing steel profile.
1. STJ2 high-temperature bearing steel
With the car engine output power, as well as the continuous improvement of industrial machinery and the closure of high-speed, the bearings used in the ambient temperature rise. Hope that the development of 473 ~ 523K in the temperature of the bearings to maintain performance. In this temperature range, if the use of quenched and tempered to deal with the implementation of the SUJ2, will reduce its hardness, the rolling life characteristics deteriorate. On the other hand, although for the jet engine, such as type of precipitation hardening alloy steel-M50 at the same temperature range with a full rolling life, but the alloy containing about 10% of Cr, Mo, V and other alloying elements, so the high cost of materials , heat treatment is also complex, the lack of versatility. Therefore, the development of expensive alloying elements so that the volume control to add a minimum, taking into account the heat treatment and processing of high-temperature bearing steel target as quenching hardness, tempering softening resistance to prevent softening under high temperature is effective of.
The company investigated the hardness of alloy elements on the hardening and tempering the effects of hardness, to increase the use of C quenching hardness elements, in order to improve the use of anti-temper softening of the Si element. Therefore, the comparison in terms of bearing steel SUJ2 developed to increase the content of C and Si to prevent the high temperature to reduce the hardness, the addition of Ni element in maintaining the rolling characteristics of the material as a high-temperature bearing steel STJ2.
2. DCJ2 resistant steel bearing foreign
For automotive transmission and differential of the bearings, because of oil mixed with foreign matter (mud, cutting powder), as soon as the bite of this foreign body will have a bearing rolling surface indentation caused by peeling off the rolling surface of the early, for the development of resistant foreign body bearing steel.
Environment through the foreign body into the re-emergence of a rolling fatigue test, the results of study is to improve the environment of mixed foreign body bearing life by improving the surface of the retained austenite volume to improve the surface hardness or toughness of the matrix has the effect.
Developed to add more than 2% of the Mn-resistant foreign body DCJ2 steel bearings in a state quenched and tempered foreign rolling resistance and fatigue life of clean oil SUJ2 rolling fatigue life compared with its high level of residual austenite in the mixing under the conditions of foreign body show that with clean oil in the same excellent rolling fatigue life, has made it clear DCJ2 nitriding carburizing of steel with the same excellent resistance to foreign life.
Datong special steel company launched a high-temperature-resistant bearing steel STJ2 with two types of foreign steel DCJ2 bearing steel surface hardening of the research work, jointly developed with NTN adding Si, Ni carburizing of heat-resistant steel has been the practical application of bearings. In addition, the development of carburizing nitriding than the life span of more outstanding characteristics of the foreign body to add resistance Mn surface hardening steel, has started to Japan, the United States, the European manufacturer of bearings for use.




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