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Ceramic Bearing: future of deep groove ball bearings manufacturer

Ceramic Bearing: future of deep groove ball bearings manufacturer

In high-speed, high temperature, large temperature differences, low temperature, vacuum, insulation requirements, non-magnetic, such as poor working environment, high-performance ceramic bearings are currently used to replace the ideal of all-steel bearings bearings, with a wide range of adaptation speed, high-speed operation of the small heat stable performance, long life, corrosion resistance, is not afraid of pollution, anti-wear resistance, lubrication instantaneous capability and outstanding performance of high reliability, the development prospect is broad.

     Beijing "China's high-tech industry leader," reported that the project is bad for the defense industry with the adjustment of the environment, low temperature, heavy-duty, non-lubricated conditions developed a very high technological content, (TodayHot) is the new materials and new technologies , the perfect combination of the new structure. Translating it into civilian technology can be widely used in products for civilian use of high-speed machine tools, low-temperature engineering, high-speed motor, chemical industry, through appropriate development and use of the area can be completely covered by the current precision, speed and above all-steel bearings in all application areas, performance prices are far better than all-steel bearings, the use of life than now to improve the bearing life of more than 3 times, saving a lot of downtime maintenance time, reduce waste, reduce spare parts inventory, such as bearings; In addition, as a result of high technical content, it is not possible counterfeiting, investment risk.

     Ultra-precision ceramic ball bearings can be widely used in high-performance, high-performance ball valve; Ceramic bearings can be used for high-speed machinery, light industrial, instrumentation, automotive, and aerospace and other fields.

     Industry experts said that such bearings is a typical example of two products, namely high-tech and high value-added, is internationally recognized as the mainstream of the future of bearing products, bearing the occupation of the market share of 40-60%, 1 billion market in the near future yuan, mainly used in high-speed machine tools, high-speed motor, low-temperature devices, the current can gradually replace the development and production of sophisticated, medium-speed all-bearing all the above applications, the price of precision ceramic bearing is similar bearing steel from 1.5 to 1.8 times and life expectancy may be extended for at least 3 times.

     In addition, the automotive industry is the potential application of ceramic bearings are one of the areas, a great amount; high reliability military and aerospace fields of ceramic bearing technology is currently being developed, the price is high, but the technical difficulty, and the amount of medium.



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