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Bearing failure (part B)deep groove ball bearings manufacturer

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Bearing failure part Bdeep groove ball bearings manufacturer


2. Wear Failure
Failure means the surface of wear between the relatively sliding friction surface of the metal led to its continued failure caused by wear and tear. Continuous wear parts will gradually cause damage to bearings, and ultimately lead to loss of dimensional precision bearings and other related issues. Wear may affect the shape change, with increased space and changes in surface morphology may affect the lubricant or to reach a certain degree of pollution caused by the complete functional loss of lubrication, making the loss of bearings and the rotation accuracy can not operate normally. Wear Failure of various bearing one of common failure modes, according to the form of wear and tear can generally be classified into the most common abrasive wear and adhesive wear.
Abrasive wear means the import of bearings between the bearing surface of the work hard to squeeze into the external hard particles or foreign bodies or metal wear debris and the surface of contact with the surface caused by relative movement of the wear and tear, often resulting in the bearing surface of the abrasion-shaped furrows. Hard particles or foreign matter likely to come from the mainframe host system from within or adjacent to other parts by the lubricating medium into the internal bearings. Adhesive wear due to friction surface means protruding or foreign body micro-friction surface so that both stressed, a serious deterioration in the lubrication, the friction due to local heat, friction surface cause local deformation and micro-friction bonding phenomenon, severe at the surface partial melting metal may be in touch with the local surface force friction welding point from the tearing and matrix plastic deformation increases. This adhesive - tear - the cycle of adhesion of the adhesive wear process constitutes, in general, minor abrasions as adhesive wear, adhesive wear as a serious bite.


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