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Cylindrical Roller Bearings Deep groove ball bearing

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Cylindrical Roller Bearings Deep groove ball bearing

     Cylindrical roller and raceway contact linear, radial load capacity, that is, applied to shock load and heavy load to bear, but also to N-type high-speed rotation and axial movement NU type, able to adapt to thermal expansion or due to errors caused by the installation shell axis and the relative position of the change, the most adapted to the free end bearings for the NJ-type and NF type can withstand a certain degree of one-way axial load, NH-type and NUP type can withstand a certain degree of bi-directional axial load of inner or outer detachable coil for Assembly and Disassembly NNU and NN-based anti-rigid radial load, and are mostly used for machine tool spindle.
     The main application of the Cage: Cage stamping plate (Z-shaped), copper alloy cut Cage, Cage pins, forming synthetic resin cage.
     Main purposes: medium and large motors, generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbine, machine tool spindle, deceleration devices, handling handling machinery, all types of industrial machinery.




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