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Alloy Steel precision casting - to produce clean steel (part C)

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Alloy Steel precision casting - to produce clean steel part C

Steel Casting will also contain other impurities such as sulfur and nitrogen content, etc., but the nitrogen content in steel can be controlled reliably decarbonization boiling alkaline furnace steel-making control of the sulfur content is not a problem, and the steel The situation of sulfides with deoxy-related. Therefore, the strengthening and prevention of secondary oxidation of deoxidation steel industry is currently facing major problems.

1. Steel deoxidation

There are many ways to make steel deoxidation, are also used deoxidizer ranging, here we were talking about the main deoxidation operation, that is, the final deoxidation.

1. Aluminum deoxidation

As the deoxidation ability of aluminum, steel in the amount of dissolved FeO of the great influence on the impact of iron steel - O - the balance of three elements, sulfur, and thus the number of sulfides in steel, shape and distribution has made great impact.

In the steel temperature, the oxides and sulfides in the steel has a certain degree of solubility in liquid steel solidification process, the result of changes in the solubility of oxides and sulfides will precipitate according to the laws of certain non-metallic inclusions. Therefore, the steel in the "non-metallic inclusions," not all the foreign matter mixed in steel.


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