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Deep groove ball bearing selection (2)

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Deep groove ball bearing selection (2)


Workload required depends on whether the experience with similar bearing matching. Case of lack of experience, there are special requirements, or need to configure the cost of bearing and any other subsequent appearance to give special consideration, you need to do more work, such as more accurate calculations and / or testing.
Following the introduction of the integrated technical chapters, bearing configuration designers will see the order in accordance with the general requirements to provide the necessary basic information. Obviously, not every kind of bearings can think of all the information needed for applications are covered. For this reason, we will mention in many places, a comprehensive SKF application engineering service, which includes the right choice for bearings, as well as how to complete the calculation of the bearing configuration technical support. Bearing configuration for the higher technical requirements, in particular application to use the experience of bearing the more limited and more should take advantage of this service.
In the comprehensive technical chapters included in the information generally applicable to ordinary rolling bearings, or at least applied to a set of bearings. If you only need a particular bearing the exact information, the classification table in the corresponding sections of the text found in the relevant prior.
It should be noted, appear in the table in the product load and speed values as well as the fatigue load limit values are rounded approximations



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