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Deep groove ball bearing maintenance (part A)

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Deep groove ball bearing maintenance (part A)


First, improper installation (about 16%)

1, the installation to use brute force, direct percussion with a hammer bearing the greatest damage to the bearings; the main cause of deformation.

2, the installation is not in place, install biased or loaded into the bearing spaces, resulting in bearing clearance is too small. Inside and outside the ring is not in the same center of rotation, resulting in a different mind.
Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional bearing installation tool and installed special equipment to use test.
Second, poor lubrication (about 50%)

According to the survey, poor lubrication is premature damage caused by one of the main bearing. The main reasons include: failure to lubrication or lubricating oil; lubricants or lubricating oil is not filling in place; lubricants or lubricant selection of himself; lubrication and so incorrectly.
Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant, or lubricants, use the correct lubricant filling way.



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