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Bearing failure (I) Deep groove ball bearing

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Bearing failure (I) Deep groove ball bearing

We all know that there will be importing a lot of bearing failure, a lot of users use of imported bearings happens, that is why imports bearing failure has become our new challenges, we need to think of all the ways to solve this problem, So what way does this problem so difficult to resolve, of course, difficult to resolve, and imports of bearing is easy to failure. This is our common problem of imported bearings. bearing in operation for some time, we must check if there are problems, especially to see if it failed. Today I put imported bearing failure classification tell you.
1. Contact fatigue failure
Bearing contact fatigue failure refers to the work surface by alternating the role of stress arising from failure. Contact fatigue spalling occurred in the work bearing surface, often accompanied by fatigue crack, starting with the contact below the surface at the largest alternating shear stress generation, and then extended to the surface of the peeling off of different shapes, such as point-like points for pitting or spalling Ma,
peel into small pieces is called shallow spalling. As the peeling surface gradually expanded, often to the deep extension to form a deep peel. Deep contact fatigue spalling is the source of fatigue failure.


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