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Zhejiang miniature bearings production has occupied half of the national total (B)

Zhejiang miniature bearings production has occupied half of the national total B


At present, the production of bearing components, Zhejiang Province has become China's backbone enterprises bearing the products named in order to enhance product visibility, strong domestic market share. 3 is to achieve a specialized production. Bearing production areas in Zhejiang province, the inner and outer rings, roller, cage, ring and other accessories have achieved specialized production, in order to continuously improve product quality, reduce production costs and create the conditions. Fourth, targeting the international market. In expanding the domestic market, to the international market, always bearing manufacturing enterprises in Zhejiang Province direction. Now, Zhejiang Province, only about half of the production of bearings exported to the United States and Southeast Asia.

But experts also warns that it is precisely because of local production of bearings, Zhejiang variety of differences is small, it leads to fierce price competition in this market, getting smaller and smaller profit margins, companies want to obtain a new development, we must carry out the adjustment of product structure to further upgrade its products.




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