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Imports bearing the characteristics of the plastic cage (A)

Imports bearing the characteristics of the plastic cage (A)


With the increase of imports of bearing speed, high density metal materials, Cage can not meet the requirements of various types of imported bearings, while the density of metal is only 1 / 4 to 1 / 8, there is wear-resistant, anti-seismic, anti-magnetic, resistant to radiation, corrosion resistance, low friction, the unique advantages of plastic, into the rolling bearing cage materials imported ranks. Phenolic cloth laminated material density, mechanical strength and high machining performance, there is a certain degree of heat resistance and oil absorption, permeability and other properties, has been widely applied to the inner diameter of 2 ~ 200mm angle contact ball bearing cage. Such as high speed grinding head bearings, machine tool bearings, instrument bearings, gyro bearings, turbine bearings, turbocharger bearings and so on with phenolic cloth laminated wood cage, where dn value can be up to 12 × 106mm r / min.




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