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China Bearing Industry History (F)

  China Bearing Industry History (F) 

    A number of local medium and small bearing factory has built up one after another, forming a second development in China's bearing industry reached its peak. In the early seventies of the plant height, the national rolling bearing manufacturers have reached more than 600. This period, the short cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings have a relatively rapid development, bearing varieties increasingly complete specifications. To the "5 • 5" initially, the Chinese bearing industry has gradually developed a Wafangdian, Harbin, Luoyang Bearing Factory and Shanghai Xiangyang bearing industry, five different characteristics of the production base, as well as the spread of small and medium enterprises bearings. And the establishment of a comprehensive scientific research and plant design institutions and some within the industry process equipment and testing equipment specialized factories, forming the layout is basically rational, scientific research and production and logistics better bearings industrial system. According to 1977 statistics of 171 major enterprises, industrial output value reaching 10.1 billion yuan (70-year fixed price), production of 120 million sets of bearings, employees 147,000 people, with 48000 sets of main production equipment, fixed assets 1.49 billion yuan, full output value of labor productivity of 6821 yuan / person • years ago a development period than that greater progress.




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