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China Bearing Industry History (H)

China Bearing Industry History (H)

    "6 • 5" period, the bearings industry, the implementation of Ministry of Machine Building, "three times a raise" policy, through the technological transformation and introduction of technology to further improve the production layout, enhanced short supply, improve economic efficiency. In the introduction of technology at the same time, carried out with the Swedish SKF, Japan, NTN, NSK, the United States TIMKEN bearing brand names such as the company's technological exchanges and cooperation. Has also developed during the seal bearings, joint bearings, linear motion bearings, combined bearings, transfer arm bearings, harmonic drive bearing and other new products, bearing design level and gradually close (or partially meet) the advanced level of similar products abroad. Wafangdian Bearing Factory which produced 777/650 type rolling mill bearing, life expectancy reached the international advanced level, access to national quality silver medal. Harbin Bearing Factory production of B, C Grade 3182120-3182122 and 2268120-2268122 machine tool spindle bearings, access to national quality silver medal. Luoyang Bearing Factory Design B3-706 and B3-707-type precision optical coordinate boring machine spindle bearing, access to national quality gold medal.




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