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China Bearing Industry History (I)

China Bearing Industry History (I)

 "Seven • Five" period, under the impetus of reform and opening up the industry to implement the restructuring of the joint, adjusting the industrial structure, vigorously technological innovation, supporting the superior governance of scattered, bearing the sustained rapid development of industrial production. "Seven • Five" at the end of 1990 by 290 major companies in the statistics of industrial output (90-year constant price) 69.7 billion yuan, production exceeded 590 million units, with fixed assets 4.42 billion. A notable feature of the current period is bearing a substantial export growth, "Six • 5" than the end, this issue bearing a 16-fold increase in export earnings, the annual average increase of 76%, 90-year history, the best level up to that time, export of up to 1.82 billion U.S. dollars.




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