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China Bearing Industry History (J)

China Bearing Industry History (J)

    "8 • 5," the latter part of the State Planning Commission, Electrical and men issued "Regulations on the basis of the revitalization of specific pieces of machinery and basic views of a number of measures to inform," and specified the basis of bearing for the revitalization of country-specific items. Bearing Industry clutching the golden opportunity, promptly made a "Bearing Industry '95' Platform for the development and revitalization," the industry sing the "revival" theme, so that the rapid development of high quality bearing industry. Industry demand as the goal, increased focus on supporting capacity of the host, and with the localization of imported equipment, development and production of a number of alternative imported products. For example, Baoshan Iron and Steel Works of the main items of equipment for a bearing supporting the rate of domestic products, varieties reached 34%, volume up to 80%; industry self-developed passenger rail bearings to solve a long-term quality of the key issues, to the early nineties of similar international the product level; for the mud pump supporting cylindrical roller bearings was awarded National Excellent Product Award gold. Metallurgy, mine, mill, oil rigs and military special bearing quality of the product also improved markedly. Has also developed a number of new techniques and special equipment and instruments, such as the Instrument Factory, Tianshui axis developed plastic outer spherical bearing cap machine, bearing parts demagnetization washing machine, ZWZ Railway Bearing Plant produced special equipment MK7675 CNC double end face grinding machine, etc. .




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