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China Bearing Industry History (k)

China Bearing Industry History (k)

    "9 • 5" period, determine the bearing industry to develop the "three cars" (cars, railway passenger truck, engineering, agricultural vehicles), "Three-Machine" (metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, machinery, precision machine tools, electrical machinery) and the "three high" (high value-added, high-tech, high-precision high-performance special equipment) the revitalization of bearings and equipment for specific products, has concentrated on resolving contradictions between supply and demand, technical difficulties and expand export capacity, improve the economic efficiency of the bearing products and special technical equipment. As the largest economy in the country in recent years, the environmental impact of industry and medium-sized state-owned enterprises have encountered great difficulties, thus "9 • 5," The situation is still unsatisfactory implementation of the project, especially in the technological transformation of two years after the task is quite arduous . But there are also some significant progress assessment indicators, such as industrial output value (90-year fixed price), to the goal for 2000 is 209 years, the gross industrial output to 200 billion yuan, 95.7% for the assessment of indicators. Reform and opening up two decades, the bearing industry achieved a historic leap forward, the main signs are:




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