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Auto bearings industry (F)

Auto bearings industry (F)


but also from the difference in the actual operation. At present, China's bearing industry, friction and wear tests have been undertaken, only the Luoyang Bearing Research Institute 1; have been undertaken bearing bench, there are Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Shanghai Institute axis, Hangzhou Bearing Test Center and Wafangdian, Harbin 20 bearing more than the state-owned enterprises; can begin their simulations are Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Hangzhou Bearing Test Center, and Xiang-axis and so on. But to the actual conduct of tests, only in supporting the host company to put forward the request to be carried out before bearing manufacturers. In short, the domestic carrying out simulations and tests in actual operation is not extensive, should be further expanded host range or scope of the actual operating conditions for the simulation test mentioned in the same way as soon as possible make full hardware and software to prepare.




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