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Auto bearings industry (I)

Auto bearings industry (I)
On common operating conditions of the bearing grease (oil), foreign advanced industrial countries in technology and production has been completely cross the border, has formed a series of variety and volume production capabilities, the current major trend is to study some special cases, to improve the performance of grease, If being studied to improve space use of vacuum grease perfluoro ether stability, shifting nature of climbing, as well as viscosity-temperature performance, etc.; Another example is low fat, although there are better results in the application, but its lubrication mechanism of failure to have a good theory described. Again, research in high-temperature (200 ~ 4000 ° C) using gaseous lubricant. China's current research tasks Bearing Lubrication extremely heavy, if funding permits, should focus on resolving the following problems: First, to enhance existing sealed bearing grease life at room temperature environment; second, to improve low-noise bearing grease vibration performance; its



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