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Auto bearings industry (J)

Auto bearings industry (J)

Third, research and development of new varieties of common operating conditions bearing grease.

(3) Sealing Technology

Recent developments in bearings, are installed at both ends there is a corresponding side sealing device. The one hand, its role is to protect the bearing grease inside the (oil) will not be lost in use to ensure the lubrication of bearings in the state; the other hand, is to protect the bearings, so that external dust or harmful gases would not enter the bearing cavity, so as to avoid bearing the risk of injury. Common are rubber or plastic of the ring, but also the seal plate punching (or dust cover). Variety of sealing structure, sealing the effect not the same. Sealing Technology research and development is mainly applied to different operating conditions of the corresponding sealing device, and the grease seal ring material and the corresponding communion and so on.




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