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Auto bearings industry (K)

Auto bearings industry (K)

Japan's several major bearing company (Seiko, Japan, etc.) on behalf of the bearing seal technology development. They seal technology in the development of device technology development direction and bearing in early history, research depth and sealing technology is more mature now. From a single seal lip developed into multi-lip seal, from the contact seals to develop non-contact seals, etc.; from the product type, ball bearings, roller bearings are.

China to follow international trends, but also developed a ring of deep groove ball bearings, water pump bearings, railways (tapered roller) bearings, needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings bearing several major categories, including production of deep groove ball bearings the largest and most widely applied surface. According to Bureau of Technical Supervision recently sealed bearings on China's quality inspection results, our larger design of sealed bearings, sealing effect is not good, drain fat phenomenon is more serious and the user a strong reaction. After analysis, the main reason is that China's current seal design structure is irrational, with no inner seal groove, together with manufacturing precision is not high.




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