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Auto bearings industry (L)

Auto bearings industry (L)

(4) noise reduction technology

Bearing noise is the importance of environmental pollution, but also bearing industry, an important indicator of the need to control, especially for household appliances, office machinery, instruments bearing noise limit is even more prominent. The past 10 years, China's bearing industry in reducing bearing noise, a lot of work done, so that bearing noise levels greatly improved, but in comparison with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap between the user reflects the notable example is the "different tone" problem, Bearing in operation that the sudden emergence of a irregular sound, and even screams. There are many factors bearing noise impact, but also very complex and needs to the overall design of bearings, bearing parts of each one - inner ring, outer ring, cage, rolling body and lubricants (grease) to analysis and research is also needed from the bearing of each a part of the materials used, plus -1-212 art works as well as used in the process equipment, process materials, etc. to the analysis and study. This is a bearing noise, the basic content of related technologies.

Technological development is endless, despite the company's advanced bearings (NSK, SKF, etc.) bearing noise level has been high, but still further direction of development, namely, "quiet" bearings development.




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