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Application of the bearing industry(C)

Application of the bearing industryC

VI, textiles, washing and dyeing, shoe-making, tobacco machinery selection of bearings. Bearing such a small and, efficient and durable, require high-speed, noise is extremely small, non-power plant can not manufacture name. Because of their specific equipment, and various designs, the use of different bearings, the general could not prepare the spot, sometimes not easy to find (only in frequent contact and customers can understand it, to prepare for emergency response), it is proposed that the best user be prepared with a one piece to avoid lay-off question, the impact of the production.
Seven, beer, beverage equipment, medical equipment selection of bearings.
8, broken, ceramic machinery, chemical machinery bearing selection. Poor working environment such equipment, many water mist, humidity, dust, acid-base and so on, require a strong bearing sealing, adequate and reasonable Shanyou resin, preferably in good time to add oil.





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