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High-temperature bearing steel (Part Two)

High-temperature bearing steel (Part Two)

For the complex structure and the need to withstand a strong impact load bearing, can use high-temperature carburizing steel. 12Cr2Ni3M05 is a better performance of high-temperature carburizing bearing steel, because of its low carbon content (0.15% or so), there is no uniform carbides shortcomings, annealed hardness is low, cutting well, with high toughness, can be forging good, it can increase the bearing parts of the forging ratio is conducive to the bearing life, after carburizing temperature of 430 ~ C meet the following conditions of use and has a good impact resistance.
H10Cr4M04Ni4VA is currently the best performance of the high-temperature carburizing bearing steel, the price is rather expensive. When the bearings using temperatures in excess of 500 ~ E, the selection of high-temperature bearing steel has been difficult to meet their performance requirements, but should use cobalt-based, nickel-based alloys or ceramic materials such as high temperature.
High temperature bearings is mainly used for aviation jet engines, gas turbines, nuclear reactor systems, X-ray tube tungsten plate, and high-speed aircraft, rockets, spaceship.




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