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Deep groove ball bearing quality (part B)


Deep groove ball bearing quality (part B)


Miscellaneous ring: the left hand holding the body bearing kits, struck his right hand to spin coat, whether there are miscellaneous listen to his ring. The majority of counterfeit products as a result of the conditions behind the production is entirely hand-workshop-type operations, in the production process will inevitably be a class of gruel ¬ sand impurities, hidden in bearing the body, it will be issued when the rotation ring miscellaneous. This is the implementation of production standards and strict, and the use of machine operators are among the largest plants of different brands.

     Whether there is turbid surface oil: This is the purchase of imported bearings should be special attention. Because of the current technology is not rust-proof home in particular, the rust on the bearing body is easy when dealing with thick layer of oil left behind, get in the hands of visco ¬ thick viscous, while the bearings imported almost see see traces of rust-proof oil, but experts say special care of the smell of imports of bearings has a kind of smell is a rust-proof oil, just do not see it.

     Chamfer is uniform: the so-called bearing chamfer, that is, horizontal and vertical surface junction, bearing counterfeit production technology due to restrictions in these edge corner angle unsatisfactory handling of the parts.




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