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Bearing failure (part c)deep groove ball bearings manufacturer

Bearing failure part cdeep groove ball bearings manufacturer


3. Fracture Failure
Fracture Failure of imported bearings bearing defects and have been mainly due to two factors contained. When the additional load over the limits of material strength as a result of parts breakage overload fracture. Overload due mainly to unexpected host failure or improper installation. Bearing parts of the micro-cracks, shrinkage, air bubbles, massive external debris, overheating and other burn organizations and local defects in the impact of overload or severe vibration caused by defects will be broken, as the fracture defect. It should be noted that bearing in the manufacturing process, raw material inspection to the factory complex, forging and heat treatment quality control, processing, process control equipment through the correct analysis of the existence of the above-mentioned shortcomings, is still the need to strengthen the control of the future. But generally speaking, usually the majority of fracture failure of the bearing load to failure.
4. Failure clearance changes
Import bearings bearings in his work, as a result of external or internal factors, with the gap so that the original change, lowering the precision, and even lead to "killed" as the changes in clearance lapsed. External factors such as excessive profits over the installation in place, the temperature rise caused by the expansion of the volume overload, such as instantaneous, intrinsic factors such as retained austenite and residual stress are the instability caused by changes in clearance of the main reasons for failure.



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