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Rolling bearings and sliding bearings (part A)Deep groove ball bearing

Rolling bearings and sliding bearings part ADeep groove ball bearing


Rolling bearing has the following advantages:
     1. rolling bearing friction coefficient is smaller than the sliding bearing, transmission and high efficiency. General Bearing friction coefficient is 0.08-0.12 while the rolling bearing of the friction coefficient is only 0.001-0.005;
     2. Rolling bearing has been standardized, serialization, generic, and suitable for mass production and the supply, use and maintenance is very convenient;
3. Rolling bearings with steel bearings, and after heat treatment, therefore, not only the rolling bearing with high mechanical properties and longer service life, and can save the manufacture of sliding bearings used in the price of more expensive non-ferrous metals;
4. Internal clearance of rolling bearing is very small, the high precision machining, therefore, high precision operation. At the same time, you can pre-load method of increasing the rigidity of bearings. This is precision machinery are very important;
5. At the same time, some of rolling bearings can bear radial load and axial load, therefore, can simplify the bearing support structure;
6. High transmission efficiency as a result of rolling bearings, less heat, therefore, can reduce the consumption of lubricants, lubrication maintenance more easy;
7. Rolling bearings can be easily applied to any position in space on the uranium.



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