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Rolling bearings and sliding bearings (part B)Deep groove ball bearing

Rolling bearings and sliding bearings part BDeep groove ball bearing


However, all things are divided into two, the rolling bearing has some drawbacks, mainly:
1. Load capacity of rolling bearings subject to the same size than the smaller of the sliding bearing, therefore, the radial rolling bearing large size. Therefore, under heavy load in the radial size of occasions and requirements of small, compact structure of occasions <such as the internal combustion engine crankshaft bearings), the use of sliding bearings;
2. Large rolling bearing vibration and noise, especially in the use of the latter is particularly significant, therefore, demanding precision, but also not allowed to have the vibration of the occasion, difficult to do rolling bearings, sliding bearings generally chosen better.
3. Rolling bearing, such as metal filings are particularly sensitive to foreign body, foreign body bearing once, it will have a discontinuity to the larger vibration and noise, will cause early damage. In addition, the rolling bearing due to metal impurities, such as folder is also prone to the possibility of early damage. Even if the damage does not occur early, the life of rolling bearings there are certain limits. In short, the life of rolling bearing is shorter than the sliding bearing.
However, the rolling bearing, compared with the sliding bearing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages apply to the possession of certain occasions, so the two can not fully replace each other and their development to a certain degree of direction and expand the field of their own. At present, the rolling bearing has become the main support for the mechanical type, the application of more extensive



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