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Bearing installation and removal:

Bearing installation and removal:

Bearing first full account of custody to the custody of the size and weight bearing, followed by considering the space and equipment necessary to transport to ensure the storage and access so without bearing the collision. Bearings do not directly placed on the ground. Therefore, to configure Shidang shelves, and the bottom shelf should be above the ground 30cm. In general packing state, due to different storage environments, corrosion effect of 1-3 years. Special circumstances custody nearly 10 years, it can take soak in (as a bearing lubricant) turbine oil method of oil in storage .

(A) installation of bearing operating

There are many ways to install bearings, the same operation after installation of the treatment. After installing bearings, be sure to tilt the outer ring bearings coated with lubricant.

1, lubricant coating 1) grease lubrication, lubrication coating roller cover all surfaces, coated complete recovery after the location of the outer ring.

2) oil lubrication of all the oil coating roller surface, coating the outer ring position after complete recovery.

2, coating after completion, cover with plastic film and other dust.

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