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deep groove ball bearing removal

deep groove ball bearing removal


Bearing removal and installation should be carefully carried out the same. Taking care not to damage bearings and various parts, especially the demolition of interference fit bearings, the operation very difficult. Therefore, in the design phase to advance, taking into account ease of dismantling, removal tool designed according to needs is also very important. Please remove in accordance with drawings research demolition methods, in order to investigate the bearing with the conditions.
1, outer ring of the demolition of
Interference with the demolition of the outer ring in advance to set the shell circumference of the outer ring extrusion screw with a few screws, hand tighten the screws evenly while demolition. These screw holes usually covered with blind plugs, tapered roller bearings and other separation-type bearings, retaining shoulder in the shell to set a few incisions, the use of pads, with press demolition, or lightly tap the demolition


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