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Deep groove ball bearing removal (B)

Deep groove ball bearing removal (B)

2. The demolition of cylindrical bore bearings
Inner ring of the demolition, you can use pressure to pull out the latest a simple machine. At this point, we should pay attention to the inner strength to withstand the pull.
The demolition of large bearing inner ring should use hydraulic method. Please set the axis of the hole to be hydraulic. Width of the bearing is a large hydraulic method and pulling fixture and used to carry out demolition work.
NU type, NJ type cylindrical roller bearing inner ring disassembly can take advantage of induction heating method. Localized heating in a short time, so that the inner expansion of post-drawing method.
3, the demolition of tapered bore bearings
Comparison of small-scale demolition of sleeve bearings with a tight set, with the fastening at the axis of the inner ring of block support, will nut back a few times, use the pads with a hammer and beat the demolition.
Large bearings, the use of hydraulic demolition easier, in the tapered bore axis of the hole in the pressure to send the oil, so that the inner expansion, demolition bearing method. Operation, there is the possibility of bearing a sudden prolapsed, it is best to use nuts as a file block is better.



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