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What is a non-ferrous metals

What is a non-ferrous metals

Metal is a glossy, has good conductivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical properties, and has positive temperature coefficient of resistance material. Metal, is a big family, and now the world's 86 species of metal. Usually people put metal into two categories, ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Ferrous and nonferrous metals that name, is often misled to believe that black metal is black, and it is not. Only three types of ferrous metals: iron, manganese and chromium. And they are not the three black! Pure iron is silver; manganese is silver; chromium is gray. Because the surface is often rusty iron, covered with a layer of iron oxide black and tan four-color mixture of iron oxide, is looked black. No wonder people call it "black metal." Often say "black metallurgy industry", mainly refers to the steel industry. Because the most common is the manganese and chromium Alloy Steel, so, people of manganese and chromium are also considered as "black metal" was.

In addition to iron, manganese, chromium, other metals, are regarded as non-ferrous metals.

Non-ferrous metals, as well as a variety of classifications. For example, according to the proportion of sub-aluminum, magnesium, lithium, sodium, potassium, and the proportion of less than 5, called "light metal", while copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, tin, lead is greater than the proportion of 5, called "heavy metal . " Like gold, silver, platinum, osmium, iridium and other more expensive, is called "precious metals", radium, uranium, thorium, polonium and other radioactive, called "radioactive metal", as well as niobium, tantalum, zirconium, lutetium, gold, radium , hafnium, uranium content of the crust because of less or more dispersed, it is also known as "rare."

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