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Hardware knowledge: the principle of self-lubricating bearing what (1)

Hardware knowledge: the principle of self-lubricating bearing what (1)

    Currently used in various mechanical industries most or ball bearings, needle like, only a small part of the self-lubricating bearings have been adopted, I believe that soon will come from the bearings will be adaptable, wear and undisputed economic advantage of a bearing industry leading products. The following is part of the application of self-lubricating bearing characteristics and advantages:

    Oil-lubricated bearings series:

    1, no or less oil lubrication oil lubrication, no oil or very difficult to apply to place fuel can be used without maintenance or less maintenance.

    2, good wear resistance, low friction, long service life. 3, have the right amount of plastic, can the stress distribution in a wide contact surface, to improve load capacity.

    4, static and dynamic friction coefficient is similar, to eliminate low speed crawling, thus ensuring accuracy of machine work.

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