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Hardware knowledge: the principle of self-lubricating bearing what (4)

Hardware knowledge: the principle of self-lubricating bearing what (4)

    4, static and dynamic friction coefficient is similar, to eliminate low speed crawling, thus ensuring precision mechanical work.

    5, can reduce the mechanical vibration, reducing noise, pollution prevention, to improve working conditions.

    6, during operation can form transfer film, played the role of the protection of the grinding shaft, no bite-axis phenomenon.

    7, the hardness required for the mill axis low, without quenching of the shaft can be used, thereby reducing the difficulty of processing the relevant parts.

    8, thin-walled structure, light weight, can reduce the machine size.

    9, steel back can be a variety of metal plating can be used in corrosive media; has been widely used in various mechanical sliding parts, such as: printing machine, textile machines, tobacco machines, micro-motors, automobiles, motorcycles and forestry machinery and so on.

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