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About NSK import bearings preload

About NSK import bearings preload

【According to different applications, NSK import bearings configuration to work with

a positive or negative clearance. In most cases, the work of clearance should be

positive, that bearing is running, leaving the remaining clearance must be, though it

may be very small clearance. 】

On the other hand, there are many applications need to have a negative clearance work

- that is tightening, to enhance the rigidity of bearing configuration or rotation

accuracy. For example, the machine tool spindle bearings, automotive transmission gear

in the small bearings, small motor bearings, or do reciprocating motion of the bearing

configuration. In some applications, if only to bear little or no bearing load, and

run at high speed should be configured on the bearing preload, for example, by

springs. In this case, the pretension of the role is to provide the minimum load

bearing, to prevent sliding and rolling element bearing damage caused by


【NSK bearing preload in the form of import】

Depending on the type of bearing preload can be radial and can also be axial. For

example, cylindrical roller bearings, due to its design reasons, only radial preload

and thrust ball bearings and cylindrical roller thrust bearings are only in the axial

preload. Single row angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings are

subjected to axial preload, and usually the same type of bearing with one another back

to back or face to face way to match the use. The deep groove ball bearings usually

impose the same axial preload, in order to achieve the purpose of tightening should be

used with than ordinary group of radial internal clearance, so that it can, such as

angular contact ball bearings have a greater than zero contact angle.

【NSK import bearings preload role】

Increased rigidity
Reduce noise
Improve the precision of shaft guide
Compensation for the wear in operation
Extend the working life

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