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Bearing first-class production base in Chongqing Construction

Bearing first-class production base in Chongqing Construction

Chongqing City, a national first-class bearing new manufacturing base. May 31, the

south bank of the Yangtze River Bearing Co., Ltd. inaugurates new plant garden, an

annual capacity of 80 million sets of -1 million units, the annual output value of 2

billion yuan, products fully into the international bearing procurement chain.

As China's first imported equipment bearing one of the Yangtze River bearing the

current annual output of 50 million sets of bearings, the product is divided into

motorcycle categories. In the motorcycle market, the Yangtze River for domestic

production and sales of bearings top ten motorcycle OEMs matching share of 80%; in the

automotive market, covered with Getrag represented by Europe and the United States

Department of Tangshan Aisin Japanese represented and the above groups represented in

the steam line three series, entitled "Made in China the best ball bearings"


According to reports, the new plant distinction between the Yangtze bearing A, B two

districts. A district yesterday to complete the relocation of an area of 153 acres to

produce single row deep groove ball bearings and double row ball bearing car-based.

Covers an area of 110 acres, producing tapered roller bearings, machine tools and

other products bearing pair B,, is progressing. At present, the new plant has received

love letters from the Tangshan, new orders for long-term customers.

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