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Seiko bearings manufacturing plant in Shenyang,

Seiko bearings manufacturing plant in Shenyang,
    In order to meet market demand, timely and stable manner to the Chinese customers

with high quality bearings. Seiko Co., Ltd. (NSKLTD.) decided to invest in Shenyang,

China Xing building large bearing manufacturers.

    China's rapid development in the manufacturing sector, particularly government-led

infrastructure, environmental equipment investment to accelerate, related industries,

the demand for large bearings is expected to increase substantially. Meanwhile, the

Chinese government's development of equipment manufacturing industry and made out the


    The company will have the full investment NSK, the main large-scale manufacture

and sale of bearings, the total investment will reach more than 100 million U.S.

dollars, of which the first phase of a total investment of 75 million dollars.

Scheduled for July 2010 was established in December 2010 production. Initial

registered capital of 30 billion yen (about 200 million yuan), planning scale: an area

of about 80,000 m2, building area of 20,000 m2, employing 300 staff (initially 100).

    NSK The investment to set up factories in Shenyang massive investment, suggesting

the NSK attaches great importance to the Chinese market and confidence, can be

regarded as a big step to expand the Chinese market the company's beginning.

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