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International Bearing Expo presented five ideas for future development (2)

International Bearing Expo presented five ideas for future development (2)

Bearing characteristics of the current fair pronounced effect is remarkable, mainly:

    One leading exhibitors attention. Wafangdian City Council by Letter to the work of

bearing this year's economic development as an important task in earnest grasping,

arranged special staff to mobilize the participating organizations. Wafangdian at this

show to the overall image appearance, shows the "China bearing capital" high bearing

industry gathering, scale obvious advantages, the development of scientific and

technological innovation capability advantages and prospects. Many businesses have a

new image of the exhibition, ZWZ, Daye Axis Group, Yuk Group, Far Eastern Group, Kwang

Yang Group, Kewee Seiko, Shan Po bearings, Chinese bearings, and other enterprises

have brought the highest level of product exhibition not only showcase the latest

products, and display a new image of business.

    Second, there are new exhibitors to improve the level of product technology. The

exhibition Exhibits both large and extra large bearings, but also small and medium

sized products; both bearing the high precision level, there are common areas of

marketable products; also applicable to special areas of stainless steel bearings,

ceramic bearings and so on. Daye axis, showing the 1.5-3.0 MW of wind power yaw, pitch

series bearings, the performance index achieved the domestic leading level, the

product of technical standards to achieve a world leading enterprise VESTES wind power

standards, to meet the wind bearings operating in harsh environment power

requirements; ZWZ bearing Antarctic Observatory device specific high level of domestic

industry products; Yuk show for the metallurgical industry group supporting medium and

large split bearings to replace imported products, representing the level of plant

products and manufacturing capacity; Far Eastern Group and the display of large

bearing products are widely used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, petrochemical, coal,

electricity, etc.; China's export products bearing exhibition in Europe, America and

Southeast Asia more than a dozen countries and regions; Kewee Seiko R & D YRT bearings

broke the German company's monopoly in this area, many domestic enterprises have come

to track. Exhibits are the industry's cutting-edge products and products not only

demonstrated the level of sophisticated technology, but also highlights the large

number of products a wide range of applicability.

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